Sunday, 6 April 2008


I have just been asked how I created my signature. I originally found out this information from Karen's blog but thought I would share the information here too. Go to My Live Signature and follow the instructions to create your free signature. This will create your personal HTML code. The next instructions are for google bloggers. Highlight your code and copy. Go to your blog and click Customise in the top right corner. Then go to Settings tab and
click Formatting. Paste the HTML code into the Post Template
field and save. Each time you create a post the html signature will
automatically be inserted into your post. Easy as that!

Hope this helps anyone who hasn't created one yet.


Justine said...

thanks for that Nikki, I will have a go at that!
Justine x x

Joan and Amy said...

Thanks for the info....going to check it out tomorrow. Joan

Crafty Creations by Cindy and Maria said...

Thanks for the info on the signature!!! I just set it up and will have to wait till my next posting to see if I did it correctly!
BTW...your coloring is AWESOME!

Crafty Creations by Cindy and Maria said...

Thank you for the signature help! It worked. I'm sooo happy!!