Thursday 29 January 2009

Photo Challenge

I have been tagged by my friends Heidi and Renata. I think I may have been given this challenge by a few others so please accept my apologies if I haven't mentioned you.

The rules for this challenge are - Go to where you store your photos on your computer. Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH photo. Post that photo on your blog along with a SHORT story about it. Tag SIX people and leave a comment on their blog or email them letting them know you chose them.

We started logging our digital pictures in 2002 so my 6th folder took me to 2007 and and then the month of June. The above picture was of me and one of my best mates Mandy at a hen night. I couldn't actually show you my sixth picture as it was a picture of me and an Italian waiter! lol I don't think hubbie would have been best pleased!

Now I tag my friends:


Sorry ladies if you have already been tagged so feel free to ignore this!


Ok then.. here was the actual sixth picture! he he!!


Lim said...

They pictures are awesome. LOL

Alex said...

Too too funny! Great pics Nikki! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Suzanne said...

Great pics and such a fun tag Sue :o)

Chris said...

LOL! The Italian waiter is looking particularly fangtastic Nikki tee hee! Absolutely gorgeous photo of you and your friend Mandy, you beauties! Chris x

Lacey Stephens said...

Too funny!!! Thanks for sharing.

angeljakki said...

Loveing the piccies, will see what we end up with x x x

Sparkle and Flourish said...

ha ha ha! made me laugh...when I should be mopping floors instead!
Judy xx

Sinikka said...

Hi Girlfriend.
What a great picture!!!!
I'm ok. I took out all my holidays that I entitled to. So officialy my contract ends on 13 febr.
I enjoy to do nothing until monday....than I will jobbhunt.
Thanks for asking!!!!
A big hug to you

Jills Scrappy Daze said...

Great pictures Nikki, the waiter looks a little blood thirsty ha ha
Hope your well
Jill x x

Maria said...

Wow, NIkki!1 Love your photos. . .you're gorgeous!! Such a pretty smile!! LOL. .. what is that Italian waiter taking a picture with you. . .he looks like he ready to bite you with his fangs!! Just kidding!


Jodi said...

I love your pics Nikki! you are so pretty! =)
That is such a funny pic of the waiter. LOL!

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh how FUN Nikki!!!! Love the pic of you and your friend, but that waiter pic is fantastic!!! I'm sure that conjured up some memories! :) Have a great day!!

Janna said...

Nikki these are too funny! I love the waiter with the vampire fangs! Thanks for sharing!


Renata van Miltenburg said...

*GRIN* ... I like your real sixth photo best!!

Hugs, Renata

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Wonderful Pictures, the funny vampire is fantastic "gg".....


Pop's Cards said...

I love what you have made, its gorgeous, have a great weekend hun, hugs Pops x x x

Karin said...

Hi Hun,

love the photo with your friend, but the the vampire picture is the best.
Thanks for tagging me sweetie


Heidi said...

Love the photos and the last one - GREAT!!!!!

Hugs and love