Wednesday 8 April 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Danni!

I can't believe my little baby is 4 today! Wow.. where does the time go and my little girl who is now at nursery will be at school all day from September.

Poor Danni woke up on Monday morning with a few spots.. yep.. you guessed it she has a rather unwelcome present for her birthday.. Chicken Pox! Oh well best to get it out the way and luckily most of the guests for her party today are still coming as they have had them.

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and to all my family, friends and visitors....



christelle said...

Happy Birthday Danni!!
Although Danni has Chicken pox, I hope she is all well.
Hopefully most of the guests for her party are still coming and they will have fun!!
Have a great Birthday my Sweet Danni,
Big hugs,

Joy said...

awe...your daughter is beautiful! love her cute little face! Happy Birthday little one! enjoy your special day!!! Thank you for your wonderful friendship through this blogging world...I really look forward to your comments and thanks for coming by to visit me =) wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter too! take care!

Lynne in NI said...

Awww... she's a real cutie! Happy Birthday Danni!

Jodi said...

She is just an adorable sweetheart!! BIG Happy Birthday wishes for you hunny!!=)
TFS these cute cute pics! =)
Jodi =)

Gagaie said...

Happy Birthday Danni and happy easter to all !

Hugs & kisses


Crissy Armstrong said...

Danni is a darling girl
How she loves to dance and twirl
She is sweet and she is good
Give her all the love you should!

Happy Birthday Danni!
From your Mum's friend Crissy

Kristine said...

Carly and Maddy (10 & 8) are singing Danni a little song. Here goes:

♫ Happy Birthday to YOU ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to YOU ♫
♫ Happy Birthday, dear Danni ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to YOU ♫

And many more, on channel 4!!
And Scooby Doo, on channel 2!!
and that old lady, on channel 80!!
Da-na-na!!! Gimme a "D"
Gimme an "A"
Gimme an "N"
Gimme another "N"
Gimme an "I"
what does that spell..."DANNI!!" YEA!!!!!

[the end]

Danni, we all wish you a very happy birthday!! Sorry you've got the pox...hope you are ablet o have fun with friends anyways. HUGSxxx

Cindy Haffner said...

happy Birthday Danni! What a sweetie.

Christine said...

Oh, no to have chicken pox on your birthday is no fun! Hopefully she just got a mild case of it. Happy Birthday Danni!!! Don't they just grow up so fast!!!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

What a little doll she is...both then & now! Happy Birthday to her!

Cathy said...

Oh my, she is sooo adorable!!! I'm so sorry that she has chicken pox.

Happy Birthday Sweet Danni!!!

Big hugs to you mom, they do grow sooo fast!!

Big hugs to the birthday girl!!!

Hugs, Cathy

jacque4u2c said...

AWE! She is precious with or without the pox!

Danni said...

Aww, no fun to get chicken pox, let alone on your birthday!
Tell her Danni in Texas sends her birthday wishes!

Heather Schlatter said...


Wow Chicken Pox for her birthday!!! I did not get it until I was 13 my parents thought I was immune because I had been expossed so many times and never got it!!!!

Here in America we now all get immunizations for Chicken Pox so not many kids get it any more!!!

I hope you have a really fun time with your family and a great Easter!!!!

Our spring break was early this year March 9th thru the 19th.

We do have good Friday and the Monday after off though!!!

I can not believe they start all day school at 4 years old there??? Kindergarten here is between 5 and 6 years old and many places it is still half day. Our town went to all day last year, but we still had a choice so I started Piper out half day then all day Monday's and Tuesdays, and then all day Monday's Tuesday's and Fridays and then the last few weeks I let her go all day every day!!! It was nice to ease her in that way.

By the time Willow starts Kindergarten not in September but the next one it will be mandatory all day, but she will have just turned 6 so she will be more ready for it!!!

Have a wonderful week Nikki!!!


Ila said...

Oh My!! this photo of Danni is just the Sweetest!! Happy! Happy!Birthday! to your little Danni....Happy Easter to you and your lovely family!!...Hugs, Ila

Sinikka said...

Oh gosh, to gett ill when it is your Birthay is never funny. Hope you will get well better soon dear Danni.
And I hope you have a great Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Many Easter Wishes to you Nikki and your family.
Hugs Sinikka

Anonymous said...

Hi, Happy birthday to sweet Danni, and have a happy easter!

Anki said...

Happy b'day and hope that she will have a fun party. She could cover the Chicken Pox with some colours - as we do in Sweden for Easter when the kids dress like sweet Easter witches - see link here:

Happy Easter to you and your family or as we say in Swedish: Glad Påsk. Kram - Anki

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Danni. Hope you have an amazing day


Moni said...

Happy birthday to Danny! Hope she will be better soon! Hugs, Moni

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Danni, poor love having chickenpox on her birthday - still like you say Nikki best to get it out of the way. Laura had it when she was 14 and it was NOT nice. Off to Disney next week - can you believe how quickly that has come around - got all your tips for shopping etc. to take with me! Take care Kim xxx

debby4000 said...

Happy Birthday Danni and hope you don't get too many spots.

Andrea, said...

Happy Birthday Danni, I hope you have a fabulous day and a great party (with lots of pressies!!). I hope the chicken pox doesn't last too long

Sue said...

aww lovely pics Nikki, hope she has a lovely birthday & doesnt get to poorly. Wishing you & yours a lovely easter, sue.x

angeljakki said...

Happy birthday, Danni. Hope you have a lovely day x x x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Danni!!
Hope it is a very happy one and that you may have lots 'n lots of pressies :) Hope you get over the chicken pox real quick!!
Big hugs, Marlene xx

sylvia said...

happy birtday Danni!! hope your birthday will by filled with lots of presents and warm wishes and all your friends and family
and it not funny to have chicken poks on your birthday poor girly ( do not turn in to a chicken hihi)
bye bye sylvia

ribenaruby said...

Birthday wishes to your Danni! What an unwelcome birthday present, the dreaded pox, never mind, enjoy all the fun with your family Nikki and a sweet Easter!

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Happy Birthday sweet Danni, i wish you so much fun on you Birthday Party......Happy Easter Nikki for you and your Family.

Big Hugs

Lora said...

Happy birthday Danni!!
Nikki I know how you feel about your baby getting older. My youngest Daughter was 4 yesterday. I can't believe how fast the years have gone! Chiara doesn't go to school untill next August (our summer holidays are a week or two after yours), in Scotland they can only start school at 4 if they turn 4 before March 1st so Chiara has to wait till next year.
Hugs Lora x

Alex. said...

Happy Birthday Danni!
I wish you a great day!

Paula said...

Awwww your daughter is so beautiful. Happy Birthday Danni.
Paula xxxx

CraftyC said...

A very Happy Birthday Danni, card on its way!

COCO said...

Happy birthday Danni !!!!!
hugs coco

Diane.W. said...

Happy "Spotty" Birthday Danni!!! :o)x

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Danni and Happy Easter to you all! Sorry to hear about the spots...... the very same thing happened to Georgia the day before she was two!! xx

Tammi said...

Happy birthday to Danni!! She's so sweet!

Debbie said...

Hope Danni has a fabulous birthday...and a Happy Easter to you and your family. Debbie x

Lim said...

Happy birthday Danni!! and Happy wishes to you too dear Nikki.
I hope you have a lovely week and a lot of fun. I'm sorry about the chicken pox.
I hope she had the best birthday ever!



eba said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Danni! :)

Janna said...

Happy Birthday Danni!!! Boy they grow up so fast! So sorry to hear about the chicken pox! That is awful!!! Hope she gets better soon!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Danni. So sorry to hear about your chickenpox but glad your party will still go ahead.
Have a lovely Easter also.
Karen x

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Danni, hope you had fun at your party ~ Mel x

Pop's Cards said...

Awwww Happy Birthday Danni, i hope you are ok and have had a brilliant day, lots of love from Pops, Lid, Sam & Teej x x x x x

DawnMarie said...

Happy Birthday Danni!!!! Hope you had a fantastic day, I love your pic as a pirate, so cute. I hope your chicken pox go away quickly, I had them when I was 24 so I was quite a big girl when I took them. Hope you got lots of fab pressies and had fun at your party. Lots of hugs and birthday wishes. Dawn

Michelle Alejandro said...

Your daughters are so precious! Hope Danni has a wonderful birthday! Have a great holiday break too.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Danni, not nice having chicken pox on your birthday :-(
Hope she's managed to have a fun day despite the spots!!!
Happy Easter to you too Nikki.
Crole x

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, You "grow" girl!!!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Happy Birthday Danni! You're the prettiest pirate I ever did see! Try not to scratch too much sweetie!

Hello Nikki! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

Big Hugs, Kimberly :D

Kelly L said...

Awww, chicken pox . . . but good to get them over with young. Awww to you too. I know how hard it is to realize your baby is growing up. My baby turned 16 just a about 2 weeks ago! I was sad for about a week. LOL (silly I guess) but they grow up too fast!! Hugs, Kel

Maria said...

Happy birthday Danni!! I'm sorry she ended up with Chicken Pox but it's best to get it when they are younger. It's horrible when they have it an older age!!

Your daughter is such a cutie!! How fast kids grow up. . .sorta sad to see them grow up so quickly!

Happy Easter to you too Nikki!!


Jacqueline (Sjakkie) said...

Congratulations with your daughter, and i wish you happy Easter too.
Hugs Jacqueline

Alex said...

She it totally adorabe Nikki!! Happy birthday to your little sweetie!! I had to laugh, when my oldest turned five and we were having his bday party, he told me his back hurt - I lifted up his shirt and guess what?? Yep, chicken pox - lol! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Georgia said...

Happy birthday Danni! I hope you have a great day and get well soon!
Love, Georgia xx

lacey said...

Oh my she is adorable, isn't she? They do grow up way too fast! I hope she has a great birthday dispite her pox! :-(
I had chicken pox for my 4th Christmas! I still remember it! We are lucky that they now have a vaccine for Chicken pox here in the states. So hopefully my kids won't get them! I have a few scars from mine.
We just got back from Disney! Man it was CRAZY busy!! Spring Break here. But I will be honest, I go a few times a year and it's been YEARS since I've seen it so crazy! Still fun, though. But now my legs are sooooo tired!! We have a few days in south florida before we go home on saturday.
Big hugs!

Lainy's Little Blog said...

A very happy birthday to Danni! Hope she had a great day despite having the chicken pox, poor thing. Happy Easter to you all too. Hugs, Lainy xx

Andrea said...

Happy birthday Danni!
Greetings from german, Andrea.

sandra_w said...

Happy Birthday Danni!! I hope she had a great day....

Happy Easter!


andrea said...

please tell your birthday girl happy birthday from me, here in Canada!!!! Have a happy Easter!

Valérie said...

Danni is adorable !!!!
Happy Birthday to your little daughter ! And happy Easter again to you and your family!
Big hugs my friend.

Vicki G said...

Danni is just gorgeous! Enjoy every moment, time flies~!!!!



Marcea said...

Oh wow, what a cutie!! Hope she is feeling better and that she had a fabby day

The Country Rose said...

Happy belated Birthday to Danni!!! Sorry I missed her B-day!

thread-bare said...

Awww what a shame Danni got the pox on her birthday xx Hope she still had a fab day though xx Clare x