Thursday 11 September 2008

Can you?

Can you imagine inspiring others with your creations?

Can you imagine working with stash that somebody else has picked for you?

Can you imagine receiving goodies and just being able to dream up projects to use them for?

You can? Well keep checking here as it time for Bryony from Silly Monkey Crafts to start thinking about taking on a new 3rd member for our DT ........ How exciting!

1 comment:

Dawny P said...

Spooooooky Nikkie. Love this card, especially the inside. I saw that sketch but thought it looked a bit too fiddly. Might still have a go though lol xxx Thanks for the link to the favour box tutorial hunny - I love my ScorePal and will have a go at this one for sure.

I have just startd to do some sketches as well - LOVE doing them. And I think it is a pretty cool idea to house them on a seperate blog. It's nice to share ideas I think, so thank you darl xxxx.

Have a great weekend and hope everyonbe's well and ahppy xxxxx