Monday 10 November 2008

Hop, Hop, Hop to it!

More yummy candy to be found on one of the High Hopes Diva blogs.. Check out the links to the bottom right of this post to find it! What ya waiting for...... hoppity hop!
I hope the weather is better wherever in the world you are.. it's been so miserable today here in London and as well as cold and windy has been constantly tipping it down all day! According to our weather forcast we have light rain.. Yeah right!


Jennifer Love said...

Hope the weather improves! We have the same weather (with relatively the same temps and windy, windy, windy) but with no rain. But I'm in CALIFORNIA. LOL! It isn't supposed to be like that HERE! :D

DawnMarie said...

Hi Nikki, its the same up here in Glasgow, it's blowing a gale and we have horizontal rain lol.x

Marte said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment!! :) Same weather in Norway... ;)

Dawn Wheeler said...

Thanks for letting us know Nikki about the blog hop ,
hugs Dawnxx